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Auto - decoupling starter starting motor

自耦减压起动器上通常有两个或三个抽头.在一般情况下.用中间抽头或用电压低的抽头来降低起动电流。如果电动机起动后运转太慢或者根本就不能起动一般将抽头调到电压最高档.即由65 %调至8O % ,电动机就可正常运转。否则.可从以下方面查找原因和进行处理:
There are usually two or three taps on the auto coupling starter. In general cases, the intermediate tap or the tap with low voltage are used to reduce the starting current. If the motor runs too slow after starting or can not start at all, the motor will normally be tapped to the most high voltage. That is, from 65% to 8O%, the motor will operate normally. Otherwise, we can find out the causes and handle them from the following aspects:
( 1 )开关触头行程超程和接触压力调整不当.或者三相触头动作不同步,都可能使起动器在电动机正常运转前就跳闸。应进行适当调整,使触头不超程和三相触头同步即可。
(1) improper adjustment of the switch contact's stroke and contact pressure, or the unsynchronous action of the three-phase contact, may make the starter jump before the motor runs normally. Proper adjustment should be made to ensure that the contacts do not synchronize with the three phase contacts.
( 2 )油箱内的绝缘油变质或油量不足。应更换绝缘油或添加合格的油至油位线。
(2) the insulation oil in the tank is deteriorated or the oil quantity is insufficient. Insulation oil should be replaced or qualified oil should be added to the oil level line.
( 3 )热继电器工作电流偏小。应重新调整热继电器的工作电流。
(3) the working current of the thermal relay is small. The working current of the thermal relay should be readjusted.

The company applies the advanced technology of high voltage electrostatic plasma spray welding and spraying, sub arc welding to the shaft replacement and shaft diameter repair welding.
1.采用交错焊补,根据轴径的粗细分成6~10段,每一层接头收尾均应错开,填满弧坑。电流值取90~100A慢焊速,以防止转轴过热,减少熔深和热影响区。采用连续施焊,焊缝宽度应大于6mm,高出轴表面2mm 以上(或保证下一步车加工见圆),第一层和第二层的焊接次序
1. the staggered weld is used to divide the 6~10 segment according to the thickness of the axle diameter. Each end of the joint should be staggered and filled with arc craters. The current value is 90 to 100A slow welding speed to prevent the shaft from overheating and reduce the penetration depth and heat affected zone. With continuous welding, the weld width should be greater than 6mm, higher than the 2mm surface of the shaft surface (or ensure the next step will be processed round), the welding sequence of the first and second layers.


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