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Xi'an city committee leaders to our motor company headquarters research condolences

The morning of February 7th, deputy director of the Municipal Committee of industry and information technology Chen Dawei a line of four to company research, he first conveyed the leadership of the municipal government on 2017 above scale enterprises have made outstanding contribution to the city's industrial economic and social development of gratitude, has brought the city leadership of the company leadership and all staff cordial greetings, and to new year congratulatory letter to the municipal government.

Chen Da Wei, a deputy director, listened to the report on the operation of the enterprise's economy, affirmed the achievements made by the company in 2017, and hoped to continue to overcome difficulties and strive to expand and strive for better and faster development in 2018. He said that the City Commission for Industry and Commerce will further improve the work of Pro business, help enterprises and service enterprises, and strive to provide good policy support for the development of industrial economy, and actively promote the healthy development of Industrial Enterprises above designated size.


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