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What are the outstanding characteristics of good lubricating grease?

Grease is mainly composed of thickener, base oil and additive. In general, the content of thickener in lubricating grease is about 10% - 20%, the content of base oil is about 75% - 90%, and the content of additives and fillers is less than 5%.

Shaanxi yibu simo motor (www.yibusimo. Com) summed up good lubricating grease including the following aspects:

1. Performance index, including physics and chemistry. Generally speaking, high quality lubricants must have high viscosity index, high flash point, low freezing point, emulsification resistance, foam resistance, oxidation resistance, friction resistance and good rubber compatibility. It should also have good tone and no irritating smell. If it is oil, it should also have high dropping point and colloidal stability, low oil content, water loss resistance, etc.

2. Additive, additive technology is the core technology of lubricant manufacturer, which completely determines the service performance and service life of lubricant. Generally, there are not less than eight kinds of additives: detergent, dispersant, antioxidant preservative, extreme pressure antiwear agent, oily agent and friction improver, antioxidant and metal passivator, viscosity index improver, antirust agent, pour point depressant and defoamer. However, due to the wide variety of additives, as for which one to use, how much to use depends on the manufacturer.

3. Base oil and mineral oil shall be base oil produced by hydrocracking, hydrofining and hydroforming or isomerization dewaxing process. And the use of synthetic base oil.

4. For the oil for mechanical equipment, the operating and environmental conditions with various performance indexes higher than the lubrication requirements of existing equipment shall be selected. Practice tells us that choosing high quality lubricating oil is more cost-effective than using low quality lubricating oil. The price of lubricating oil cannot be calculated separately. On the contrary, a series of factors should be considered, such as energy saving, safety, prolonging the service life of the equipment, prolonging (or even avoiding) the maintenance cycle of the equipment, reducing the maintenance cost, labor intensity, shutdown and so on.

5. Scientific and reasonable use of tribology research results and technical products. Once these high-tech products are applied and promoted, they will have unexpected effects, such as the ER anti friction metal conditioner series products of the United States, the moson products developed by the former Soviet Aviation Administration, and the grant oil of the United Kingdom.


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