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Asynchronous Sima Motor lets us do better in the motor industry


The aim of Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Motor is "Let's do better in the electromechanical industry".


There is an advertisement saying: "There is no best, only better." Seemingly the most common sentence, but intriguing. He pointed out the most fundamental essence and vitality of an enterprise - constantly surpassing oneself. No exaggerated propaganda, no luxury "sugar coat". Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd., which has been established for more than 10 years, has become a leader in soft start industry in China from a black horse.


Leading the Market by Technology

技术是陕西异步西玛电机公司的立足之本,技术创新是解决企业经营、提高市场竞争力的重要途径。所以陕西异步西玛电机机电设备有限公司从创立之日起,就以技术推进市场,十几年来,创新不断,新品叠出几十项专利产品。公司生产高压电机电机线圈制作设备 电磁线 电机软启动设备给机电市场带来了一次技术革命,在国内机电行业曾引起不小的轰动

Technology is the foundation of Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Electric Machinery Company. Technological innovation is an important way to solve the problem of enterprise management and improve market competitiveness. Therefore, Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Electrical Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been promoting the market with technology since its inception. Over the past decade, innovation has been continuous, and dozens of patented products have been superimposed with new products. The company's production of high-voltage motor coil making equipment, electromagnetic wire motor soft start equipment, has brought a technological revolution to the electromechanical market, which has caused considerable sensation in the domestic electromechanical industry.


The technology-oriented enterprises should not only innovate in technology, but also cater to the market and industry trends. In the past, manufacturers who focused solely on a certain level were more likely to turn product development into solution providers.


Win Customers by Service

“用心沟通 承载未来。”陕西异步西玛电机以客户管家自居,从样品的性能研发、外观设计、检测评估到成品问世、推向客户,每一个细节都力求多为客户考虑一分。

"Careful communication carries the future." Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Electric Machine is a customer housekeeper. From the performance research and development of samples, appearance design, inspection and evaluation to the appearance of finished products, to customers, every detail strives to consider more for customers.


With the continuous expansion of the scale of Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Motor Co., Ltd., its service system has gradually improved. Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Motor implements the product strategy of order-to-order, which can meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent. Delivery time is fast, one-year warranty, service network has been expanded to more than 30 regions in China, the implementation of global joint insurance, with a number of domestic customers to establish a good cooperative relationship.


When many customers asked how Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Motor's future will be planned, they still smiled indifferently. They simply said that they would continue to carry out the electromechanical industry to the end, so as to make no further improvement. Simply put, it shows the determination of Shaanxi Asynchronous Sima Motor to constantly surpass itself. Their only goal is: "Let's do better!"


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