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The characteristics of noise reducing grease on motor

The characteristics of silencing grease on motor Great Wall food grade silencing grease is specially developed for contacting and lubricating various precision plastic or metal parts. Its high quality synthetic grease can provide high lubricity and adhesion. Not easy to lose, reduce friction and noise. Suitable for small and medium motors and precision gear parts. It has good waterproof and stable low-temperature starting ability.

Features of Changcheng food grade muffler grease products:

1. Suitable for all kinds of soft and hard rubber mixture.

2. Reduce parts wear and noise.

3. Reduce the resistance of parts during operation.

4. Wide temperature range, good start at low temperature.

5. Do not damage the surface of rubber, plastic and metal coating.

6. It has good water resistance and corrosion resistance.

7. Food grade grease meets the requirements of the food and Drug Administration of the United States and the National Science Foundation. Comply with American material test standard - F963; ROHS standard.

Application of lubricating grease for Great Wall food grade muffler:

1. The gears of toys, audio-visual equipment and household appliances are silenced and lubricated.

2. small motor and shaft with waterproof rubber ring protection and anti-aging.

3. Office equipment: such as paper shredder, copier, computer peripheral equipment and other parts lubrication.


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