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top sale YRKK 10kv 630kw high voltage motor

YRKK series (10kv) motor is of wound rotor three phase asynchronous motor(center height from 400mm to 630mm). This motor can be used directly with starting 10kv.

This motor can generate larger starting torque at the state of relatively lower starting current. It used where the capacity of the feeder line is insufficient to start a squirrel cage motor or where the longer starting time and frequent starting are needed or where adjustment of speed is needed within a limited range such as windlass, press machines, drawing machines.

Iterm Parameter Iterm Paremeter
Frame size YRKK 400~630 Rated power 185kw
Rated Voltage 10000V Rated Frequency 50Hz
Synchronous Speed 1500rpm Mounting Type IMB3
Protection Degree IP44/IP54 Cooling Method  IC611
Insulation Class Class F Altitude lower than 1000 meters
Temperature 0~40 Degrees Working type S1 (continuous duty)



High efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, light weight, reliable performance, easy for installation and maintenance.



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