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The difference between high voltage motor cooler and condenser is worth collecting

Shaanxi asynchronous Sima motor information: the difference between high-voltage motor cooler and condenser is worth collecting! The high-pressure motor cooler and condenser are important parts in the heat exchange process of the chiller. However, we do not know the design difference between cooler and condenser. Today we will focus on that. There are three main differences in the design of cooler and condenser. The first is whether there is phase change, the second is the difference of heat transfer coefficient, and the third is the series heat exchanger.

Let's discuss these three points in turn. 1. The existence or non existence of phase change condenser will change the gas into liquid phase. The cooling water of cooler will be cooled without phase change, but the temperature change is very simple. In addition, they use different cooling media. There are also different uses. The cooler is used to cool materials without phase change. The condenser is used to cool and condense the gas phase with phase change. 2. Generally speaking, the total heat transfer coefficient of the condenser is much larger than that of the pure cooling process, sometimes by an order of magnitude, because the heat transfer film coefficient of the condensation process is much larger than that of the cooling process without phase change. Condensers are usually used to cool gases into liquids. The condenser usually has a very hot shell. The concept of cooler is very wide, mainly refers to a kind of heat exchange equipment which transforms the hot refrigerant medium into room temperature or lower temperature. 3. If the series heat exchanger has two series heat exchangers, how to distinguish the condenser from the cooler? Under normal circumstances, the condenser is a condenser with large inlet and small outlet, and the cooler is a condenser with the same caliber, which can be easily seen from the shape of the instrument.

In addition, when two heat exchangers are connected in series, under the same mass flow rate, because the latent heat is much larger than the sensible heat, under the same heat exchanger type, the condenser has a larger heat exchange area, that is, the larger one should be the condenser. Condenser is a kind of heat exchange equipment, which condenses the steam material into liquid material by absorbing the heat of the steam material. There is a phase change, and the change is very obvious. The cooling medium can absorb heat directly or indirectly from the condensing medium, but the phase transition does not change. The cooler only reduces the temperature of the cooling medium, without phase change. The cooling medium in the cooler is usually not in direct contact with the cooling medium, and heat transfer is carried out through pipes or jackets. In addition, the structure of ordinary cooler is more complex than that of condenser.


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