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Xi'an Municipal CommitteeLi Jing to inspect the work of SIMO motor

Shaanxi motor asynchronous information: the morning of March 9, 2018, the Xi'an Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Development Zone Party Committee Li Jing to visit our company to inspect the environmental protection work, the general manager of the company Yang Tianli in the production field to the Secretary Li Jing introduced our work in environmental protection, and introduces our treatment of organic exhaust gas the situation. In 2017, our company actively responded to the Xi'an municipal government on pollution reducing haze, the treatment of organic waste gases on funds in very limited circumstances, has invested 2 million 100 thousand yuan, built four sets of organic waste gas treatment equipment, the organic waste gas generated by the governance, environmental protection equipment put into operation, the company around the air quality significantly to improve. At present, four sets of waste gas treatment equipment in our company have passed the completion and acceptance of the sub Bureau of the economic and Technological Development Zone of Xi'an Environmental Protection Bureau.
Xi'an Municipal Committee, the district Party committee secretary Li Jing for my company in environmental protection achievements fully affirmed, she points out that the enterprise must conscientiously do a good job of environmental protection, make contribution to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, to push forward the city machine emissions control work, to accelerate the development of the industry low carbon, green transformation. I hope our company will continue to do well in the management of organic waste gas, ensure the normal operation of organic waste gas treatment facilities, and contribute to the current work of pollution control and haze reduction.


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