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Brief introduction of maintenance precautions for high voltage motor in Xi'an High Voltage Motor Factory

Shaanxi yibu simo motor (yibusimo. Com) technical data

(1) It is forbidden to maintain the running high-voltage motor and its starting device.

(2) It is forbidden to handle and maintain the protective grounding (zero) line of high-voltage motor in operation, including repairing the damaged grounding (zero) line, fastening the grounding (zero) screw, etc., so as to prevent electric shock accidents caused by leakage of panel and cabinet. If an emergency is found, find and correct the cause of the emergency, and then connect the protected ground (zero) wire.

(3) When maintaining the high-voltage motor and its auxiliary equipment, it is necessary to fill in the work sheet carefully and work according to the procedures and requirements of the work sheet. The operation must be supervised. Specific safety measures include:

① Separate the circuit breaker and disconnector respectively.

② Check the power with a high-voltage pen. After confirming that there is no voltage, hang the temporary ground wire on the post under the disconnector or circuit breaker, or install an insulator partition between the disconnector disconnectors to prevent the switch from being closed accidentally, so as to prevent electric shock caused by motor power. For car switches, the door must be pulled out of the distribution unit group and closed.

③ On the handle of the disconnector there is "no lungs, no work!" Marking board.

④ If the power switch is far away from the high-voltage motor, in order to be more safe, there are enough thick wires to be grounded at the entrance level of the motor for three-phase short circuit.

⑤ If the machine that can cause high-voltage motor to rotate is driven, such as air compressor, pump, etc., the valve of these machines will appear "do not close, someone works!" Signs to go.
⑥ When the high-voltage motor is removed from the cable head, it must be grounded through the three-phase short circuit of the cable head to prevent the improper connection of the power switch, resulting in an electric shock accident.

(4) After finishing the above work, check against the work order once to confirm whether there is any error before carrying out the maintenance work.
(5) After the rectification, review again and compare with the work order. Be sure to remove the temporary ground wire and take back all work tickets. Only when the cover is removed and all maintenance workers are evacuated can the electrical commissioning be carried out. After everything is normal, the mechanic can leave.


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