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The 2018 working conference of the entire documentary motor

In January 27, 2018, the company held a 2018 working meeting, and the departments summed up the work in 2017 and focused on the schedule of the 2018 work plan.
In 2017, motor aim, careful planning, focus on management, production and sales, the annual economic operation quality and good performance.

Yang Tianli, general manager of the conference summary and evaluation, and proposed requirements for the work in 2018.

He first analyzed the economic operation of enterprises in 2017: in 2017, the machinery industry was running steadily, and the market confidence was gradually improving. The economic operation was better than expected. With the increase of market demand and the supply side of the motor industry transformation and upgrading, our company through unremitting efforts, the scale of production and marketing of an increase, especially in the second half year key indicators of better performance, production and operation has resumed change of economic operation in the annual steady rise, and obvious signs.

In the analysis, evaluation system of economic operation of his machinery industry in the application of the latest enterprise, from the six aspects of profitability, solvency, operating capacity, production efficiency and production capacity, the ability of sustainable development, through the 12 economic indicators, the index of enterprise operation in 2017, respectively, compared with the year 2016 and industry standard. The overall situation of the enterprise's economic operation is obviously better than that in 2016, but the leading index of the industry has a very big promotion space.

Finally, general manager Yang Tianli made a general requirement for the company's work in 2018.

The principles and principles of the company's work in 2018 are:

1, the principle of profit must be aimed at realizing profit.

2, the principle of profit making, on the basis of the profit of the company, better mobilize the enthusiasm of the marketing work side, and make the company and the distributor reciprocal and mutually beneficial.

3, orderly production, do not light season, balance good annual capacity, work out, and implement the daily, weekly, monthly goals.

4. To achieve the goal of the whole year, we should do a good job in every day and work well for 365 days.

5, unswervingly to take the lean Road, unswervingly to improve the company's profitability direction.
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In 2018, the departments should implement the following requirements:

1, we must complete the goal of the production and operation of the company.

2, we must complete various work tasks related to lean advance.

3, we must break down the whole year's operation and lean work to every quarter, every month and every week, and have a detailed implementation plan.

4, the results must be taken as a measure of performance.

5, lean is the soul of guiding work. To day Nissin, requirements for the product to achieve the whole process of one single one".

6, pulling production, not only the production and procurement links, but also involved in every link, each link can not be loosened.

7, advocating the firm implementation of the corporate culture.

8, actively do a good job in the company's environmental protection and safety production.

In 2018, motor will continue to further promote lean management, the courage to change, continuous innovation, constantly improve the management level, improve work efficiency, improve service capabilities, improve competitiveness and profitability for the society and the development of enterprises, the majority of employees for motor and make greater contribution to create greater value, to win more benefits.


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